What's the worst thing that could happen to a KPop fangirl?

My application for visa to enter South Korea was denied. The reason was rather vague. My attached documents could not be verified. Just that.

It probably wasn't much of a big deal for some, but it was something I was really anticipating for months now. With all these preparations and stuff. People were telling me "just go visit a different country, one that doesn't require visa." Like, hello? I'm not travelling just for the sake of going out of the country. It's my ultimate dream to be on KPop land. LOL.

Anyway, I just had to let that one out. Now, I want to look at the positive side. I will try to apply for a visa once more 6 months from now (that's the lag time for denied visas). And for sure I will be able to get one by that.

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