funny kpop quotes (snsd edition)

“Yoona and I are dumb and dumber.” – Sooyoung

“Unhealthy diet accumulates and eventually you’ll die.”Seohyun

“I’m trying to be girlier now. Please support me.”Yuri

“Seohyun’s so pure that if Seohyun wasn’t a singer, she’d still be singing nursery rhymes.” Sooyung

“Cucumbers? DESTROY THEM ALL!” Jessica

“When one member gets sick, we usually pass the cold all around the group too.”Yoona

“When I see Sooyoung and Yoona eat, I think wow, our members are really healthy and strong.” Tiffany

“Our maknaes, we always tell them they are pretty, then they really thought they are pretty.” Hyoyeon

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