Who Wants Some Yong Muscles?

Check out the YONG MUSCLE on that pic! DAMN! Yonghwa definitely has not been slacking during his 2-month break. Wonder how his abs look like now. Hmm..

Is he going to cross-over to the BEASTLY IDOL side?? LOLOLOL!

Kidding aside, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Yonghwa and the rest of CN Blue. And I support them all the way (even if they turn out to be 4PMs)!

Anyway, this picture of Yong was from of an MV teaser of their fellow FNC artist, Juniel. She'd be debuting soon and has already released a teaser. I heard Yonghwa's lend his talent to help in the making of this album.

Check it out below and help spread the FNC family love.

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