happy birthday leader!

Happy Birthday Jung Yong Hwa!

Thank you-
...for acting cute and active.
...for always putting a smile in everyone's face.
...for sometimes being immature and childish.
...for cracking funny and not-so-funny jokes.
...for being a good sunbae to your hoobaes.
...for looking after your dongsaengs.
...for letting every member shine on their own.
...for never letting your bandmates down.
...for being a great leader for CN Blue.
...for always showing your appreciation and love for CNBlue fans.
...for always putting up a great performance for us, Boices. 

생일 축하 정용화! 

I love you because of all these things and I will continue to love you forever.


24 photos of Yong Hwa for his 24th Birthday! :D

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