aoa to make comeback with “get out"

"FNC Entertainment has just announced that their newest girl group AOA will be making a comeback soon with “Get Out“! The girl group made their debut this past summer with their album ‘Angel’s Story‘, and have come up with a new fun concept for their upcoming return. The new song will be included in their second single ‘Wanna Be‘, which will be released October 11th." (cr. allkpop)


- Compared to their first promotional song "Elvis", I'm thinking maybe I'll like "Get Out" even more. I really like how it sounds. The beat is great and catchy. I'm already imagining it being played by the band unit! It'll be amazing! Plus check out the powerful vocals from the teaser above! Woot!

- Yes, I get it. The single is entitled "Wanna Be" and their concept is about all these characters they wanted to copy / act out. I've been saying how random it is the first time I saw the photo above. And even as I am clearly aware now of why the photo came out to be as such, I'm still going to see it as too random. It's a unique concept but again it lacks cohesion. It's too random!!

who else thought they look like After School here? 
- The girls look really pretty during Elvis promotions. But now, hmm... They're hard to recognize with all these changes. I have to let this out - I am not digging the looks of  Jimin and Chanmi. Just look at the photo above. They look... well... I don't know. Just not liking their looks as of the moment. But the rest of the members are okay. I especially like Choa as Elle Woods. ^^

Choa looks a little like Juniel here.
Isn't this the most awkward smile?


So AOA is making a comeback through their second single "Wanna Be". The music of "Get Out" is promising. The beat is catchy and it definitely would be better being performed by the band unit. I think FNC is trying hard to make AOA a great girl group but sometimes their unique image can be quite confusing. I am not digging the concept just yet. I'll wait for the actual MV first then I'll say more about this. Anyway, just check out the teaser above and see for yourself.

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