spica's "i'll be there" - a refreshing take on kpop

To tell you the truth, I rarely give any attention to all these rookie groups debuting now. I'm too focused on all my senior biases that I think these rookies are just gonna' flop sooner or later - no need to spend time listening to them. (HARSH!!) 

But whenever I get recommendations from other people to go listen to this rookie group, I give it a try. And when I heard from someone that they really like SPICA, I decided to listen to them. I came across their song I'll Be There and instantly I'm hooked. It's on my playlist ON REPEAT!! 

The song is refreshing. The vocals are really really good. BoA, the leader wearing Ss shirt, has a very smooth voice that's powerful at the same time. I can practically listen to them all day. What's really nice is that all the members can sing pretty good. Joohyun, the rapper wearing Pp shirt, has parts in between the verses. Her raps are well incorporated in the song. 

The MV is made just right for my taste. Just five girls singing their hearts out, dancing, and having fun. These girls are not trying to get my attention by acting cute and doing aegyo in front of the camera. They're showing me how talented they are and how they deserve to be given recognition for being so. 

Overall, I felt great listening to I'll Be There and as well as watching the MV. There's just something refreshing this song has brought to my ears after being a KPop fan for a long time. If you want to feel bright and refreshed as well, try listening to SPICA's I'll Be There. I highly recommend it too!!!

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