thoughts on reply 1997

YoonJae-ShiWon kiss from Episode 14! ^^
I can't even start with what I'm feeling right now for this drama. This is just too good! I've never loved a drama this much before Princess Hours (Goong). 

The storyline. The narration. The script. The actors. The editing. The music.

Everything is just perfectly done. The makers of this drama are geniuses.

This is just messing up with all my feelings. I'm so curious as to who ShiWon's husband is and I'm really really hoping it'll be YoonJae. Of course, with all that is happening now, people would say that it's 90% chance that the two will really end up together but... I just can't... I'm scared that these producers/writers would put a sudden twist to the story that I would feel so bad about. (*o*)

I don't like for ShiWon to end up with TaeWoong (sorry!) because they look no more than siblings to me. And although I was rooting for JoonHee-YoonJae before (yep, it's my first time to ship this type of otp!) I just fell in love with ShiWon-YoonJae couple the moment they kissed (see picture above!). I wish for JoonHee to find a partner someday but for now, I'm sorry but YoonJae has to be for ShiWon.

So now, I just happen to finish watching Episode 15 without subs (impatient much!) and I'm sooo overwhelmed by the last part. PDs trolling us viewers. LOLOLOL. Anyway, this will be a very long week of waiting for Episode 16, the last episode. And tvN already posted a video like this in their Youtube. It really makes me feel like I'm saying goodbye to this drama. T_T

OMO. I want to cry now thinking about the end. So I'll just stop blabbing now just because I can't wait for episode 15 subs to be released. Confusing thoughts. LOLOLOL.

BONUS: Check out this MV for All For You OST sang by Seo In Guk and Eun Ji for the drama. Their voices sound so perfectly in sync with each other. A musical match made in heaven! Enjoy!

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