a-psy-de from gangnam style

Most people, myself included, knew about Psy because of his viral song "Gangnam Style". I mean, I know Psy exists - He's an artist from YG and that he's been in the industry for around 10 years now. I knew about him first when he sort of defended SNSD when they were being bash some time in the past. But I honestly haven't tried listening to any of his songs. Until he released his song "Gangnam Style" that is.

Two nights ago, I had the chance to watch a livestream of Psy's concert in Seoul. It was in Youtube. Apparently, livestream-ing in Youtube is nearly impossible for my unstable internet connection. While praying for the net to cooperate, I busied myself with reading real-time comments from others watching the stream. Mind you it was updating like crazy! Sadly though, most of the comments were either requesting him to "perform Gangnam Style", asking "when is Gangnam Style gonna' be sung?", or some were even harsh to say that his other songs were boring and made no sense.

As a KPop fan for quite some time now, I'm really offended by these people. I admit it was "Gangnam Style" that made Psy's popularity explode in the world so it was what they were expecting to see. But to belittle his other songs is unacceptable. Psy is a legend in KPop. I may not be a fan but I have respect for him.

And after coming across two other songs of his, "It's Art" and "Father", my respect for the man grew even more. These two songs are different from "Gangnam Style". Both songs are mellow and more emotional. The lyrics are well-written. The songs were calming and stormy at the same time. It's just pure art coming from a genuine Korean artist.

Get to know a different side of Psy from these two songs. Check it out yourselves so you can be the judge.



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