a blockbuster comeback for block b

Who doesn't know about Block B

They're those guys from that infamous "Thailand controversy", right? Sadly, that's how I learned about this group after reading article after article about this past issue. I know it's unfair since they seem like a really great & promising group. They've been on hiatus for quite some time after that. Reflecting. Learning. Maturing. I guess. One thing is for sure, they're definitely brewing some pretty good music while staying out of the spotlight. 

But their fans, the BBCs, should celebrate now that Block B has returned to the scene. Along with their comeback is one powerful (Note: I'll be using this word a lot in this post) album: Blockbuster.

I wasn't really that interested with Block B, or with other rookie groups for that matter. (I'm too busy with my long list of biases anyway!) But after watching their comeback performance of Nillili Mambo in Music Bank, I was amazed. Check it out below:

It was a powerful stage! The song was catchy. The beat was strong. The rap was clean and well-incorporated within the song. P.O.'s voice is powerful and sexy as hell~!!! He's the first person that struck me after watching that performance, looking like "Your Royal Highness" with that red coat. Just recently, I learned that he's the maknae.

They pretty much owned the stage right then. It was really fascinating to watch them. Oh and did I already say how powerful and sexy P.O.'s voice was?! 

Check out their album too. It's got some really good songs in it. I won't review it one by one 'cause I'm not good with doing that. But here are some of my favorites: "Mental Breaker", "No Joke", "Movie's Over", "Where Are You", "Romantically"...  I pretty much can write every track here 'cause that's how good the album is! 

Give them some thought and check out their MV below. 

Block B - Nillili Mambo MV

After everything that has happened, I'm glad they got out of it alive and stronger. Being rookies, they've survived some great waves and are back again to fighting for their rightful place in this industry. It'll still be a long way to the top but after this, I believe they've gotten more mature, stronger, and smarter. 

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