A Thanksgiving Post

It's almost Thanksgiving now and although we don't really celebrate it in our country, I decided to let myself join in on the festive mood. We all have a lot of things to the thankful for in our lives and in this post I would like to list down the things I am thankful for in K-Pop.

★ For C.N. BLUE's continued effort to release great music. Ear Fun Limited Edition is my most priced possession as of the moment. The pictures are just amazing! And "In My Head" is officially my most favorite C.N. BLUE song.

★ For coming across what turned out to be the best drama of 2012 for me, Answer Me 1997. And also through this, I learned about Infinite's Hoya and Seo In Guk.

★ For discovering ZE:A's maknae, Kim Dong Jun~!!!! This kid turned me into a perv-noona. It's the first time I've actually downloaded fancams just because he's too adorable in every performance. Especially in Aftermath! His smile is just too cute! And he's really doing great fan service! Aish~!!! This kid! OMO! I'm spazzing now!

★ For "The Innocent Man" & Song Joong Ki-Moon Chae Won couple.

Running Man! I'm just happy that this show is still running and even going stronger! Not to mention all these big names they're having as guests. 

★ For FNC's rookie artists, Juniel and Ace of Angels. I'm glad this company has added girls to its roster after being very successful with both F.T. Island and C.N. BLUE.

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