Can't Get Enough of ZE:A's Maknae

Birth Name: Kim Dongjun (김동준)
Birthday: 1992.02.11
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: B
Height: 175cm (5'9")
Weight: 58kg (128 lbs.)
Hobby/Specialty: Health, Soccer, Apparatus Gymnastics
Favorite motto: "Impossible is nothing."

Lately, I'm very interested with ZE:A's maknae, Kim Dongjun. He looks so adorable not to mention really really good-looking. Just can't get over the fact that he's 3 years my junior. Noona! KYAAAAA~!!!

So I researched about him and found this facts: (credit)

1. He's from Busan.
2. He's got one older brother.
3. He's a pretty good football player.
4. Known as male Han Ga In.
5. He's youngest in the group.
6. He's got the best body in the group.
7. He's scared of dogs.
8. He cries most in the group.
9. - He has his own way on telling a story, since he describes it while mimicing too (this was told in Idol Maknae Rebellion)
10. He's strong even though he's the maknae.
11. He could carry Junyoung in a limbo game.
12. He's the shortest one in ZE:A along with Siwan.
13. He has got abs and very nice and lean muscles.
14. He thinks he stopped growing even though he is young.

Kekeke. I feel like some obsessed noona now. Anyway, check out this current fave fancam of mine. BTW, I found it here.

[Fancam] 121031 ZE:A Dongjun - 후유증(Aftermath)

I'm just getting to know ZE:A and I really really like Dongjun's aura. He looks so happy on stage. (just check out the fancam above!) Although the first person I noticed in this group is actually Im Siwan, Dongjun just stole my focus completely from him. Look at his smile. It's precious. KYAAAAA~!!! 

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