My FanGirl Wish List

Here I've tried to list down my wishes as a KPop fangirl. I hope to fulfill them all someday. Although, I'm pretty sure I'll be adding some more items to this list in the future. For now, these are my current wishes: ッ

 FanGirl Wish # 1 - Watch a KPop Concert! ★

Being an international fan, it's kind of hard to just go and watch KPop concerts. So I settle with waiting for them to actually have their concert in my country. Right now, I am contemplating on whether to watch Dream KPop Fantasy Concert this coming January 19, 2013. Girls Generation will be in it and they're one of my top 5 favorites. Plus, Infinite is going to perform too (I'm just starting to like this group). I really hope I can get to watch this concert.

 FanGirl Wish # 2 - Travel to Seoul, South Korea! ★

I was supposed to leave for a trip to Seoul last summer but my visa got denied for some very vague reason regarding the documents I submitted so yeah, needless to say, it didn't happen. Now, I am going to try and plan another trip and this time make sure (really hoping and praying) that it'll get approval this time. It's every fangirl's dream to visit South Korea, right?

 FanGirl Wish # 3 - Complete my Album/DVD/Photobook Collection! ★

KEKEKE! This is probably the hardest since I'm trying to save up for future concerts for now. I do hope someday though that, even with what price, I can still complete my collection for CNBLUE

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  1. I hope you will make all your goals happen! : D Going to a K-pop concert and to South Korea is a dream come true, for us, the international fans!So Fighting! : D


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