SNSD Releases "Flower Power" MV

Girls' Generation has recently released their new Japanese single "Flower Power". It's an upbeat song with a catchy chorus. The beat actually reminds me of Paparazzi for some reason. I just have one concern with this song: lots of auto-tuning. But then, almost all KPop songs are auto-tuned. Comparing with their past songs, this is actually lacking for me. Surprisingly, Jessica has little parts here and it's mostly auto-tuned. Heol~!!

THE MVTypical MV: group dance shots, solo dance shots, solo sexy poses/faces shots. Nothing new for me here. We already know how gorgeous these ladies are and this MV is just another proof to it. The choreography was really messy. I mean, there was even a part in the chorus where I thought Sunny made a mistake when she was the only one who raised her hand or something. Just so disjointed. The movements are well-thought of and kind of artistic actually but poorly-executed. Maybe it needs more practice.

STANDOUTS: Sunny, Seohyun

MISSING: HYOYEON~!!!! (comparing Hyo's screen time with Paparazzi MV)

CONS (FOR ME OKAY!!!): Too much Tiffany. ('nuff said)

Check it out for yourselves below.

Girls' Generation Flower Power MV

Girls' Generation - Flower Power (Dance Version)

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