The Beauty of Weddings

Being a 23-year-old-never-been-in-a-relationship kind of girl, I've already resigned myself to the idea that I may be forever a single lady (cue Beyonce's song~!). But after watching this one lady, who has always been an inspiration for me, prepare for her own wedding, I suddenly felt hopeful.

I wasn't really aware of the magic of weddings, coming from a clan who only had one wedding for the past twenty years. I attended my first and only wedding event when I was in grade school. I hardly even remember it.

But this time, watching Bubz get all giddy and girly and preppy for her wedding makes me feel excited as well. Everything just seems so perfect. They're a lovely couple and I wish all the happiness for them. Seeing their preparations makes me want to anticipate my very own wedding as well.

Maybe it's the novelty of it, the thought of being pampered during the pre-wedding photoshoots.. The elegant white dresses that every girl dreams of wearing someday.. The smiles on the couples faces as they go thru this experience hand-in-hand, enjoying every moment of it..

There is just something very heart-warming about this stage in a person's life. And now, I'm allowing myself to also dream of being able to have that moment in my life someday as well.

Weddings are just too beautiful to miss.  ♥

PS: Check out more of Bubz pre-wedding photos here.

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