Blue Night in Seoul Day 1

Day 1 of CNBLUE's Blue Night in Seoul ended yesterday. They still have one more concert for tonight. KYAAAA! I wish I'm living in Seoul right now! 

1. Hey You
2. Now or Never
3. Get Away (Kor. Ver.)
4. Tattoo
MC Time
5. Intuition
6. Have A Good Night
7. Wake Up
8. Love Girl
9. Y, Why
10. Feeling (with piano)
11. These Days (Kor. Ver.)
12. My Love (Acoustic)
13. Love Light
14. Still in Love
15. Just Please
16. Where You Are
17. One Time
18. Time Is Over
19. In My Head

20. I’m A Loner
21. 넌 내게 반했어 (You Have Fallen For Me)
22. Last Christmas - Wham! (Cover Song/ Christmas gift from CNBLUE)
23. LOVE
24. illa illa (Cover version)
25. 고마워요 (Gomawoyo/Thank You)

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