Dragon Obsession!

I am currently obsessed with BIGBANG's leader G-Dragon~!!

There. I've said it. So now you'll know what this post will be about. 


It's about Kwon Ji Yong.

I'm not new to BIGBANG at all. I've heard a lot of their songs and I love the music. My favorites are the classics: Lies and Haru Haru. Right now, I'm also listening to Last Farewell on repeat. And also, I love their collab song with 2NE1, Lollipop.

Of course, I don't consider myself a "hardcore" fan. I don't really follow the group's activities and updates. I wasn't even able to attend their concert held here in Manila.




OH MY GOD~!!! I am SOOO regretful. Like seriously, I feel like that decision to not attend their concert will probably be one of the things that I'll truly regret for the rest of my life. Especially now that I am in love with the leader.



I don't even find this healthy anymore. LOL. Just kidding! I hope. I just feel so weirdly attached to this guy. I mean, I want to see his face each day. Watch his smile, his laughs. I like watching him perform. I make sure that I have the time to watch any of his videos every time I come home from work. I smile just by looking at him smile. He's like already a part of my daily habit.

I know, I'm probably not alone with this problem. I mean, there are THOUSANDS out there as well who feel the same about GD. But it's really bothering me. I mean, I've never like any K-Pop artist this way - even CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa.

And yes, I am still obsessing about GD. I've been piling his pictures in my laptop. But who can resist this guy? I mean, he's an amazing singer, dancer, songwriter, producer, and aside from that, he's also HOT as fudge. Check out all his styles from before to now. It's definitely OUTRAGEOUS~!! But even with him being so loud and wild, he can still pull it off and look good and cool with anything. 

I've been watching past videos of him and BIGBANG and I kind of miss his old ways. When he was still so carefree and fun and cheerful. He's so playful and childish but not annoying at all. His SMILE. Aigoo! Just by thinking about it, I feel giddy already.

KYAAA. I am spazzing like crazy with all my thoughts about this guy.

I hope to I'll be able to see him in person and watch their concert live.


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