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I'm on a roll tonight! It's been a long time since I posted and I feel like I need to let out all of my ideas or I might turn crazy. So yeah. Bear with me for a while. I'm going to list down my top 3 songs for every K-Pop group I like. Let's start!


1. In My Head - both the Japanese and Korean versions sound so amazing! This is how I imagine CNBLUE's music will be. Strong and rock and catchy and just amazing!

2. Don't Say Goodbye - the arrangement for this song is just WOW! Yong's voice fits this song perfectly. Every time I watch their live performance of this, I can't help but feel the emotions from this song. This song reminds me of why I fell in love with CNBLUE, and Yonghwa in particular, each time I hear it.

3. Kimio - I feel happy whenever I listen to this song. It just makes me smile especially hearing Jonghyun's smooth vocals. I saw a video of CNBLUE performing this in Japan and Yong's dancing along to it. Just ADORABLE.


1. Into The New World - this song started everything about my most loved girl group. So yeah!

2. Kissing You - I just feel nice whenever I listen to this. So light and fun.

3. It's Fantastic - I'm not sure if this counts as a song by SNSD but I really really like listening to this ever since I watched them perform this in Japan. The melody is nice and the song isn't too perky.


1. Lies - Who doesn't love this song? This is what made BIGBANG the legends that they are now. I like everything about this song - the melody, the music, the rap, the MV. Even the choreography, especially T.O.P's part where he points and circles his fingers. LOL. I'm so bad at describing actions!

2. Haru Haru - Of course, this one too. Just CLASSIC. Every time T.O.P and GD rap together, like how they sound as if they're just talking to each other, it's really amazing. These two are most definitely the best Korean rappers for me.

3. Last Farewell - And this is my current addiction. I love the fun and cheerfulness of this song. It's upbeat but isn't cheesy. The dance is cute too. About love~!! 


1. I Don't Care - There's just something about this song that makes me love it. Every time I hear this, I always think of how great the girls of 2NE1 are and I always feel like I can never leave them nor their music.

2. Ugly - This is just a very powerful song. The chorus, being in pure straight English, is a plus. "..I think I’m ugly and nobody wants to love me.. Just like her I wanna be pretty I wanna be pretty. Don’t lie to my face 'cos I know I’m ugly.."

3. I'm The Best - And this one is the complete opposite of Ugly. "Naega jeil jal naga.." Out of all 2NE1 songs, this is currently the one that clearly shows how powerful of a group these ladies are. This song fits them just well. They're the best~!

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