Say Hello to 2013~!

It's the end of the year once again. 2012 has been a very memorable year for me, from personal problems to career changes. I am truly blessed to have made it thru this year. And thankfully I am still, as ever, very much into K-Pop. I can never say this enough: I feel really really lucky to have come across this fangirl world. And as much as I love 2012, I am really looking forward to what the coming year has to offer for K-Pop. So what do I wish for in 2013?

- More great music from CNBLUE. So excited for their comeback next month! I can already tell it's going to be a hit!

Girls Generation comeback (I hope it would come out better than The Boys though! I'm already getting worried with the image change.)

- Another AMAZING album from 2NE1.

- I think this might not be possible because of scheduling issues, but I really really want another YG Family Concert. The complete family with Epik High and Lee Hi! It's going to be DAEBAK!

- I want G-dragon and Dara to finally date each other! DARAGON. ♥

-  Will someone get the complete CNBLUE members in Running Man? It'd be awesome like seriously. Please. Do. Something. PD-nim.

- Another collaboration between BIGBANG and 2NE1. I am currently hooked with their song "Lollipop".

- Manila Concert for CNBLUE. THIS!

- I'm also looking forward to more celebrity couples coming clean about their relationship. I know, this is still in connection with my DARAGON OTP.

- I want to see JYJ start releasing albums and also promoting on all music shows.

- I also would like to finally see an FNC Family Concert.

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