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Starlit Night is a track included in CNBLUE's recent Japanese single "Robot". The music and lyrics of this song was composed by none other than our very own Burning soul, Lee Jong Hyun. According to him, this song was made especially for the BOICEs. 

I just love the melody of this song. It's very relaxing and it makes you feel happier. I can already imagine how BOICEs would feel singing along to it during concerts. This would fit perfectly as a closing song to every CNBLUE concert. Great composition fron Jong Hyun. CNBLUE is just too amazing. They are pure talent. Go on. Try and listen to this. ツ


Lyrics :

Listen to my story

I saw a falling star
And I made a wish upon the tiny spark, then
My heart belongs to you forever, forever more
I hope my wish can be heard to the sky…

(Kono sekai de kagaiyaiteiru)
Do you know the story of you and me

(Kimi to boku no hanashi wo shitteiru?)
That is shining in this world?

(Kawarazu soba ni itekureru)
Unchangingly always by my side

(Kimi no kokoro ga hikarasetieru)
Your heart is making [me] shine

Hey, look at the night sky
Do you know why that glitters?
Our minds become a star with one accord
Glitter in the night sky. And like your mind, baby.
And it is shining somewhere tonight

* Repeat chorus

(Zutto kono hitotsu no omoi)
I hope that this feeling

(Kagayaki tsudsukeru youni)
Can continue shining on forever

(Sou kitto kimi to boku no omoi)
Yes, I hope that your and my feelings

(Hitotsu no hoshi ni naru youni)
Will surely become a single star

I sing a song with all my heart, my heart

* Repeat chorus

I wish I could see a starlit night
With you all the time… with you forever

"I wish I could see a starlit night.. With you all the time… with you forever." I wish the same too. I hope to see a starlit night with you, CNBLUE. I'm so lucky to have found such great artists to look up to. My heart will forever belong to these four great guys. I will listen to all your music and support you until forever. I will forever be a proud BOICE. ♡

lyrics trans cr.

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