CNBLUE recently celebrated their 3rd Year Anniversary last January 14, 2013 with the release of their 4th mini album entitled RE:BLUE.

The album consist of songs composed by both Lee Jong Hyun and Jung Yong Hwa, including the title track "I'm Sorry".

I have to say that this album is just DAEBAK! CNBLUE is definitely a bunch of multi-talented people. I mean, seriously, the songs are just great. I find it hard to even choose a single favorite because they are all that good. CNBLUE even achieved an ALL-KILL for this album. /UGLY SOBBING/

I'm very happy with how "I'm Sorry" sounded. It sounded more rock compared to their past title songs and it just screams CNBLUE. Although I am kind of missing some of Jong Hyun's vocals and was expecting a bigger rap part for Jung Shin, it was overall still amazing. The MV was even better. I'm liking the mood of the whole video. 

I have to admit thought that I am really really liking "Na Geudae Boda". It's a song composed by Jong Hyun this time. I like the melody. I'm a sucker for mellow songs. And Jong Hyun's smooth vocals blending with Yong Hwa's is just PERFECTION. I can practically listen to this song all day.

Anyway, check out the MV below and be amazed yourselves. This made me even more excited for their concert here in Manila. It would definitely be EPIC! KYAAAAAA ~~

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