SNSD returns with "I Got A Boy"

Girls Generation is finally back along with their powerful song "I Got A Boy". Okay, so maybe the song isn't that powerful but the DANCE MOVES! DAEBAK! I feel so proud seeing the girls dance with such energy and power. They've outdone themselves in this song. They've shown the world that they've got the voice and the moves as well.

Check it out below if you haven't yet. It's a great performance from Girls Generation. ツ



The song is definitely new compared to what SNSD has released in the past. I Got A Boy is more into dancing and less focus on singing. I mean, look at how hard the choreography is compared with The Boys. I wouldn't be surprised if most of their performances would require lip-syncing. Anyway, the video isn't as bad-ass as I expected. Still preppy and full of cuteness. I was expecting more from the drama version but I guess this is the best we can get from SME.

I'm not liking maknae's style here.
Now how do the girls look? Aside from the not-wearing-of-heels part, the make-up was pretty much the same. But obviously the hair styles were wilder. OH MY GOSH! Sunny what did they do to your hair? SERIOUSLY! Coordi noona, will you just bring back Sunny's long hair? I miss it so much. And I'm also unsure of what to make with Seohyun's style. 

The rest of the girls were better. Hyoyeon, Yuri, Yoona, and Jessica. Especially Sooyoung. She's becoming more gorgeous each day. As for Tiffany and Taeyeon, they're fine but didn't really stood out for me.

Overall, although the song is receiving some criticisms because of its lack of cohesion, I still like it. I like the beat. It's catchy and fun. SNSD is definitely taking a risk with this new song but who can stop them? They can do anything they want at this moment. They can try out various song styles and not worry whether it'd sell because they've already acquired a large number of fans that'll support every material they'll release.

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