CNBLUE Wins Music Bank

OMO! CNBLUE won first on tonight's Music Bank. FINALLY. 

축하해요 씨엔블루~!!

Well hello there February! Thank you for welcoming the boys like this~!

So proud of uri boys.

They totally deserve it.

This album is just too DAEBAK. If there were doubts before on CNBLUE's talents, this promotion has already erased those. I mean, these guys are seriously musicians and no one can deny that. They were accused of faking playing those musical instruments before and now see what they did - THEY PLAYED LIVE IN ALMOST EVERY PERFORMANCES.

BOICEs can never get any prouder than this.

Check out their videos below.

CNBLUE Interview with SNSD

CNBLUE - I'm Sorry

CNBLUE - Win + Encore

vid cr. @akanzh
pic cr. @cn_fanclub

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