My Two Cents on the Current Plagiarism Issue of CNBLUE

As much fame as CNBLUE is getting now while promoting for their comeback album Re:BLUE, sadly, they're getting the same amount of hate as well.

" Idol rock band CNBLUE is once again caught in a copyright violation controversy, this time with a Korean indie band, Crying NutCrying Nut’s management firm Drug Record sued the idol band and their agency FNC Entertainment for damages citing an infringement of their copyright. The issue has been taken to the Seoul Central District Court on February 12. " 

I won't be putting up the whole story. Just read it here.

Being a BOICE myself, I'm pretty sure lots of people would be waving off my opinion as something too biased or what, but get this: not all fangirls are blind and delusional. Some of us still look at things objectively and hence we make better, way more rational judgement than others.

/oopss. sorry for the gif. just had to put that there. lmfao.//

Okay so now that I've pointed that out, let me get to the main course.

I get it why Crying Nut is crying foul (see what I did there? ) because I mean whether you're a musician, a painter, or writer, it just wouldn't feel right to see other people copy your works. They got offended when CNBLUE used their music without their permission and MNET even had it included in a DVD published in Japan.

So of course, they had to take some actions right?

And so their case was taken into spotlight and was noticed by lots and lotssssss of media outlets. So MNET spoke about them having been given compensation and FNC did the best that they can do which is to issue an official apology. But, it still didn't satisfy Crying Nut even one bit. And so they continued with the lawsuit.

What I don't get is why Crying Nut is taking on their hoobae band CNBLUE? Shouldn't their case be directed more to either MNET or FNC? They are the seniors, yes. And so I expected for them to have a wider and more mature mindset. They've made all these request before when they presented this copyright issue to the public and now all their demands were answered both by MNET and FNC and yet they don't want to stop there.

What more do they want from CNBLUE?

What else can CNBLUE give them aside from their sincere apology?

Why bring this up now?

See, with all these questions, some fangirls would start to think negative things about Crying Nut. You can't really stop them from doing so because they are entitled to their own opinions. However crazy or biased those opinions are. I heard they recently announced that they'll be releasing an album this March. If that's true then I'd say those crazy, too-biased fangirls of CNBLUE who thinks Crying Nut is just trying to ride their oppas' fame are damn PSYCHICS.

Thankfully though, some people are still sane enough to see the matter objectively. BLESS THEM FOR THEIR WIDER AND MORE OBJECTIVE MINDSET.

Ami-ah on Netizen Buzz : "It all boils down to that hierarcy of entertainment in Korea where idols are essentially at the bottom of the totem pole. It doesn't matter to them if CNBLUE is faultless in this case; they just see an idol group who's had plagiarism issues in the past vs. arguably the most successful indie rock band in Korea whose been around for the past 15 years. They already feel that idol groups are way too privileged and overexposed since most of them are singers that don't write their music so whenever there's a bumping of heads with "real" artists, it's pretty obvious who they're going to support in the end.

It seems like indie bands reached their breaking point with their animosity towards idol bands so Crying Nut is taking the heat as the first one. I think that if they could, a lot more indie bands would go for the kill just like Crying Nut."

Her comment was just a hit. I mean, this is what I've been thinking as well. Aside from Crying Nut trying to ride CNBLUE's fame which is a very biased thought btw - no need to tell me. I can totally understand the "hate" indie musicians are feeling for these idol groups, 'cause let's admit it - bunch of them groups are just there to stand in front and look good and can't even sing or dance that well. But aren't we forgetting something here? 

CNBLUE was once also an indie band, performing on the streets. No one was paying much attention to them before as well. But they didn't give up just yet and still continued making music. And then they got mainstreamed. And that's when people started acknowledging them as "idol" band.

Just, being a hardcore CNBLUE fan, I'd be lying if I say that this issue does not affect me at all. It does. And I wanted so badly to be all SPARTA defending these guys. With all the passion and effort they put into making great music for us fans to enjoy, I feel like they don't deserve all this hate for one overlooked mistake they did in the past.

I just hope this would end well for both parties.

CNBLUE made a mistake and I'm proud of them for admitting it and apologizing. They are still a young band and they have a lot to learn from this episode in their career. Just, whatever happens, I know in myself that I will continue believing in and supporting CNBLUE. Forever a BOICE and proud of it.

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