Sensual Dragon

Every time I watch G-Dragon perform on stage, I am ALWAYS, always blown away. This guy's stage presence is UNBELIEVABLE. Commanding. Powerful. Sensual. Even the facial expressions he's making are enough for you to feel his passion. Seriously, I can't even imagine if I'm actually watching him before me. I'll probably be squealing like a dying hyena before eventually passing out.

On the other hand though, when I see him in variety shows or watch his interviews, he suddenly turns into this cute person named Kwon Ji Yong doing all these innocent gestures that I swear can make all GD stans go into fan-girl seizure. It makes me want to pull him close to me and cuddle him, take care of him. Ottoke?

In my opinion, among the members of BIGBANG, he's the one who transforms the most when on stage. He turns into another persona. 

So randomly, I thought of this: G-Dragon is just too sensual for meAnd no I am not complaining. I don't really see K-Pop artists as sensual - the male ones, I mean. I like CNBLUE for a while now and I've never once think of them as sensual guys. Even them being rockstars and all.

But with GD though, I can't... He's just too... Ugh! The feels.

Yes. He's just too damn SEXY and he's not even trying to be. And yeah, so where is this going?

wish that was my hand. kkk
Just 'cause I heard that his world tour is rated 18+. I'm not sure if this is confirmed though but yeah, that made me think of this post.

I haven't watched his Shine A Light concert before but I've seen the controversial part of his Breathe performance. It was - WOW! I saw it once and I immediately prayed that no minor was watching that 'cause yeah it was too STEAMY for the younger audience. /I am listening to BIGBANG's Cafe while typing this and GD's falsetto at the end was O_o. Can't let this sexy voice distract me. Must concentrate./

Yeah, so my rant is starting to get longer and longer and so I need to stop now. And no I am not some pervy noona fan, excuse you. GD is an oppa to me! Kkkkk. /so happy to finally have an oppa bias//

Still praying for GD World Tour in Manila to happen. Jebal! I missed the Alive Tour, wasn't able to attend it and now this is my second chance to finally see GD live. JEBAAAAAAAAAL~~

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