Why Stan Sandara Park?

I have to admit I wasn't really a fan of Sandara Park before even when she's still an actress in the Philippines. Yes, she's cute but that's just it. Her personality didn't really stood out for me. And then she went back to Korea and joined YGE's girl group, 2NE1. Yes, it took me a while to finally appreciate the person that is Sandara Park.

To be really honest, I started liking Sandara when I came across the DaraGon ship. That's when I really started paying attention to the both of them. That's when I really became interested with Sandara. That's when I started learning more about her personality. Her life.

She seems to have the most haters in 2NE1. Being the supposedly "weakest" member of the group.

It may be true that her voice isn't the strongest in their group. She may not be the best dancer as well. But she knew it. And she's working hard to better herself and to be able to present a better Sandara Park to her fans. I mean, come on~ There are other artists out there that probably has much lesser talent than Sandara and yet they don't get as much hate. I won't name drop though, no need for that.

Look out how Sandara's been trying to make up for her "lack of talents". She's allowing YG to do all these crazy ideas to her looks. She's not complaining. She may have cried when she shaved off part of her hair but still she didn't gave up. 

Look at her. I mean, JUST LOOK AT HER. See how strong she is? Even with all the hate she's getting, she's still doing all she can to improve.

I can't even imagine 2NE1 without Sandara Park. No. That's not possible.

See, this is what I learned from KPop - it may be good or bad for you, it doesn't matter. I know you can be an idol even though you don't sing or dance really well. It's the heart that you have, the passion for what you're doing. It's what makes you stand out and be recognized. Sandara has that. She has the heart and passion for whatever it is she's doing. And so she doesn't give up even when everyone seems to be putting her down. And that made me love her even more. That is just too precious.

Someday, I wish for Sandara Park to finally meet the man who will take care of her and love her until whenever. Yes, I am hoping it would be Kwon Ji Yong. Hey mang, make sure to take care of uri eonni and love her so much and make her cry unless it's tears of joy. For everything you've endured, Sandara, I believe you deserve someone special to spend the rest of your life with.

So random post.. 

Just 'cause my TL is full of Dara feels brought about by that website.


Anyway, check out this site to learn more about this goddess. You'll find what you need to know here. And this isn't for you to like Sandara. It's for you to think twice on hating her.

"Talent is nothing without a heart. people should remember that. "

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