Back From A Loooong Semi-Hiatus

What did I miss?

Apparently, I've been living like a dying person these past few weeks. I'm like max-ing out my hours in a day doing everything I can. So there's my reason why I rarely update this blog.

So, I am once again getting bored with work - my 2nd work to be specific. Now I am taking vacations like crazy! Going from place to place. And even choosing taking out my cousin to his soccer game rather than actually going to work.

Yes. I can most definitely feel it. I'm about to resign from this company once again. But of course, I'll do it the right way. I'm proud to say that right now, I have no pending work to finish though. But still, my boss probably is getting a bit cranky and anxious 'cause of my growing number of absences.

I know. This is WRONG.

So I will try and get back on track but still I'll be checking out other opportunities just because.

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