Emotionally Unstable

Right now, I am at work and I am less productive than ever. I can't focus with work. Like seriously... I feel like I'm floating and I don't even know what is wrong with me or what I want to do exactly. Just that.. So many thoughts going through my head right now.

Is this how it feels to be nearing the quarter mark of your life?


So many emotions right now. Can't think properly..

I need to focus.

I need to be better.


Korean Ramyeon : Teum Sae Ramyeon

I recently bought 3 Korean ramyeons at a K-mart near my office and decided to do some kind of taste-test to see which one will appeal to me the most.

The first one up is Teum Sae Ramyeon.

I can read Hangeul but sadly, I still can't understand most of the words yet. So this one I picked randomly on the supermarket shelf, without any idea how it would taste.

So, I cooked Teum Sae Ramyeon this morning for my breakfast. And WOAH! It turned out to be really HOT! Like seriously. It's like the food is trying to fight me back for eating it~ *O*

I actually like spicy foods that's why I enjoy eating most Korean dishes. But this ramyeon is like really spicy though as compared with the Shin Ramyeon that I usually eat. I had to drink water more often. Kekekeke. But it was good. It tasted good although I think it'd be better if I added egg. See the picture at the left (it's not mine btw)? It's really that red. So you probably can tell just from the color of the broth that it'll be pretty hot.

Inside the packaging, you'll get the usual 2 small packets, one with the green thingy (leaves? herbs?) and one with the powder flavoring. You just cook it pretty much the same with the normal ramyeons / instant noodles.


Taste : 3.5 out of 5 
Hotness : 4.5 out of 5

Will I TRY this AGAIN? YES! ^^

Black Dragon is Back!

I didn't know I've missed Yong Hwa's black hair up until I saw this picture. OMG! Yong Hwa with black hair is just PORN! Oops! Sorry about that slip~ But, OMG! How GORGEOUS is he really? Seeing him now is like~ WOW! I'm thinking of all words that's synonymous to handsome right now. OMO! Yong Hwa how can you do this to me? /FUGLY SOBBING/







My Thoughts on the Current Yonghwa Issue

What is happening to Jung Yong Hwa right now?

Well, ever since FNC Entertainment made the big announcement that Yong Hwa will be withdrawing from the drama "Heirs", there has been a lot of backlash being thrown at CNBLUE's leader. Everyone started giving out their two cents on the issue and some, if not most, of them are just pure hatred and personal attacks on Yong Hwa. And that's when Boices started noticing all these "changes" on him.

As a fan, I honestly am affected by everything that is happening right now. I feel bad the moment I read about FNC's announcement of his withdrawal because I felt bad for Yong missing out on this opportunity to work with writer Kim Eun-Sook.

Before anything, let me just say this: I respect the opinions of others and I am merely stating my two cents on the issue being a fan and Yong Hwa biased.

Now, what is on my mind?

I think, for one, Yong Hwa is probably disappointed with his withdrawal from the drama. He might be thinking of how he'd missed out on this HUGE opportunity to work with a highly-acclaimed writer. Whatever the reason is, I don't think Yong Hwa is in the right position to reject an offer unless his company wishes, or orders, him to do otherwise. So him "personally" rejecting the drama casting is NOT even an option here. There is NO way he'll have that much power to just reject something on his own.

And with all these people lashing out on him, it's unquestionable that he'll feel even worse. And some people, fellow Boices, have been noticing how he's not his usual cheerful and bright self anymore. Even during BMBKK, there were even FAs saying that he cried in one performance.

I don't know about the crying part tho. I believe Yong wants every Boice to be happy and crying in front of them would just make them worry even more. So I think, he'll try his very best not to cry in front of the fans. Unless, it's really really serious like that. But yeah, I'd like to believe that he didn't cry during that performance.

I actually don't want to dwell on this issue for long.

I believe Yong will eventually bounce back from this setback. I mean, yeah, his acting will definitely be affected by this issue but I love him more as a musician anyway. I believe he belongs to the stage where he shines the most.

If FNC, as what others are implying, is too greedy on its demands and in the end would dissolve Yong Hwa's acting career into oblivion, then so be it. If it's not meant to be, it won't happen. Then Yong Hwa can focus more on his music. His first love.

I respect other fans' opinions on this matter. If they want to go rant about this issue for until whenever, then let them be. I just can't help but think that maybe some people are a bit exaggerating.

Maybe, there's no need to over-analyze things.

Maybe, we're just seeing what our minds were programmed to see afterall.

Maybe, we're letting our emotions get the best of us.

Maybe, Yong Hwa is not really in an emotional state right now.

Maybe, he's not really as sad as they think he is.

or maybe NOT.

I don't really know what the real deal is. No one knows for sure. Only FNC and CNBLUE, and okay let's add the production team of Heirs, will know the real reason behind all these drama (sorry for the pun).

Let's just hope for the best for CNBLUE and especially to Yong Hwa who's going thru a difficult time right now. Let's keep on supporting him. Let's make him feel how much he is loved by us, Boices. Let's focus on the positive things and just ignore the negativity and hate (I know this'll be really hard to do~ ToT).

What Is Wrong With Me?

I am about to turn twenty four this month. And I am as confused as I can be.

I've been trying to live my life to the fullest (most overused line ever) but recently I've been feeling gloomy and distracted. I feel like my life is actually going nowhere. I work the usual nine to five job everyday - six days each week and I am nowhere.

I like to plan my future. I mean, I've laid out everything in front me now all I need to do is find a way to get these dreams and plans into reality. So I thought, I wanted to buy a new phone so I go and save money but then I suddenly had the urge to splurge on this really great dress and I go buy it without thinking twice. And then I regret buying it afterwards 'cos now I spent my money which was initially for my phone but I can't take it back. And then I feel bad. And then I moved on. And I plan another thing to buy. And the cycle repeats itself.

Then, there's this thing about work. I like my work now because of the friends I've met. I've never had these really close friends ever since I graduated from college and so going to work every day isn't much of a burden to me. BUT. But then there are still those things (reasons) that make me not like work. Like those other people. So I end up questioning my work. Questioning my happiness. Then I feel depress and I even make myself feel worse by questioning why I am still stuck on this type of work and how come I am still earning this meager amount.

Yup. I am sucking up all the negativity like a black hole. I can't help thinking about all these negative thoughts and how miserable I am with my life right now. And that's one thing I've been trying to counter for God knows how long already.

And so just a few more days remaining and I'll be getting a year older again. I have no specific direction right now as to where I'd like my life to go. I am trying to live better by savouring each day of my life and not being too attached to the future. It'll come eventually but for now though, I'd like to focus on the present. I'm trying to live my life doing all the things that make me happy. Not trying to find the reason for doing what I do, just 'cos I want to do it.

Then there's my fangirl life. I can't believe this has to be an issue as well. I like fangirl-ing. I like to check updates about my biases. I like to enjoy their music. I like to watch all their shows. But apparently, this has to end as well. Because, as others are telling me, I am getting too old for these stuffs. And so I made a promise that is truly breaking my heart each passing day. Every time a day passes, I feel like I'm one day nearer to my end. Ugh~ I am getting too emotional right now. I don't know how I'd be living my life after then. Ugh! What is this? What has happened to my life??

Maybe I am going thru a phase in life? A quarter-life crisis


Probably not.

How I Chose My Bias

Just now I visited Seoulbeats and came across one of their articles: "A Quick Guide to Choosing Your K-pop Bias". So how did I came to choose all my biases? Let's see.

I noticed that I don't instantly like a group. I first have to find interest in one of the members and that's when it all starts. I do research, watch their MVs and live performances. For example, my very first and ultimate bias CNBLUE came about when I was watching You Are Beautiful and became so interested in Jung Yong Hwa. I did some research and learned that he has a band and then I started watching their MVs. I like watching live performances more than MVs 'cause I like how the group interacts with the crowd during their stages. 

As with the case of BIGBANG, to be very honest, I was initially attracted to T.O.P. the first time I saw their group. That's 'cause he look so manly and all. But then I was introduced to G-Dragon on Tumblr. So random LOL. Anyway, yeah, I was just checking out Tumblr and came across GD and thought well isn't he a cute guy. And that's when I actually started checking out BB's MVs and songs. And then their variety show guestings. Seriously, GD stole my heart just like that. Again, with all honesty, I am a newbie VIP. I just turned one last year, probably around November 2012. Yeah, that's the reason I didn't get to watch their Alive Tour in Manila. Sucks. But anyway, I just find GD so attractive both physically and thru his talents.

Then there's 2NE1 who practically is close to my heart since one of their members, Dara or Sandara Park, grew up in my country. I like their music. I like how they don't try to act cute or shoot their audiences with table-flipping-aegyos. Not that I have a problem with aegyo okay. Just saying. Anyway, so what attracted me to their group was really Dara. And then I get to know the other members and BAM! I fell in love with this group like that /snaps fingers/. Until today, I still like Dara but my ultimate bias in 2NE1 has got to be CL. Or is it Park Bom? Ugh! I actually cannot decide between these two bad-ass ladies. Just so I have 2 top biases in 2NE1 then. (>_< )>

Must Read FF: Mobster For Rent

So I just finished reading this fanfic, Mobster For Rent, in AFF and DAMN it was amazing~ Being the APPLER that I am, I always always look for fics to read about daragon - and daragon only. And this one is hands down the best I've come across so far. And judging from all the comments, it probably really is the best out there. It's even on its way to getting published as a book. WOW~

So go on, indulge yourselves fellow Applers. Let huntress-sama satiate your daragon craving in the most AMAZING way possible! GO. READ. IT. NOW. I. MEAN. NOW. GO. (≧∇≦)/


Gong Cha Milk Tea

I am so addicted to milk tea for a long time now, specifically Gong Cha Milk Tea. Really~ I can probably live my life drinking just their Gong Cha Milk Black Tea House Special. And the cream. OMG! The CREAM~ It's HEAVENLY. I know it probably has the highest calorie content in the whole drink but~ it's HEAVENLY. How can you say no to that? Ugh! The cream is salty and "creamy" and very much to my liking. It complements the mild taste of the black tea and adding pudding is also recommended. 

I was so estatic when I saw EatYourKimchi post a video specifically just for bubble tea and what more, their favorite bubble tea is also Gong Cha! Kyaaaaaaa~ Just pure satisfaction and happiness every time I get to drink one of these. Ugh! Spazzing about bubble tea is like~ Kekekekeke! I sounded so weird. >.<

Daragon Twitter Convo 1

cr https://www.facebook.com/DARAGON.LOVE

Happy 1st Day of May

Wow! Time sure does fly fast when you're busy. It's finally my birth month now~ It's May. And only a month and 15 days 'til Blue Moon in Manila. Yayyyyy~ 

But one more thing I'm counting down though... after the concert. Ack! I can't believe I'm finally doing this~ Am I really going to do this? Sooo bothered right now. But whatever~

I made a promise to my mother.

So yeah..

Just 1 month and 15 days to go...

Be Strong Yonghwa

정용화 힘내~!!

Every Boice out there believes in you, leader. Don't give up.

Don't let these negativities affect you.

You can do it! Fighting!

We love you Yonghwa! CHEER UP~

화이팅! 화이팅! 화이팅!

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