How I Chose My Bias

Just now I visited Seoulbeats and came across one of their articles: "A Quick Guide to Choosing Your K-pop Bias". So how did I came to choose all my biases? Let's see.

I noticed that I don't instantly like a group. I first have to find interest in one of the members and that's when it all starts. I do research, watch their MVs and live performances. For example, my very first and ultimate bias CNBLUE came about when I was watching You Are Beautiful and became so interested in Jung Yong Hwa. I did some research and learned that he has a band and then I started watching their MVs. I like watching live performances more than MVs 'cause I like how the group interacts with the crowd during their stages. 

As with the case of BIGBANG, to be very honest, I was initially attracted to T.O.P. the first time I saw their group. That's 'cause he look so manly and all. But then I was introduced to G-Dragon on Tumblr. So random LOL. Anyway, yeah, I was just checking out Tumblr and came across GD and thought well isn't he a cute guy. And that's when I actually started checking out BB's MVs and songs. And then their variety show guestings. Seriously, GD stole my heart just like that. Again, with all honesty, I am a newbie VIP. I just turned one last year, probably around November 2012. Yeah, that's the reason I didn't get to watch their Alive Tour in Manila. Sucks. But anyway, I just find GD so attractive both physically and thru his talents.

Then there's 2NE1 who practically is close to my heart since one of their members, Dara or Sandara Park, grew up in my country. I like their music. I like how they don't try to act cute or shoot their audiences with table-flipping-aegyos. Not that I have a problem with aegyo okay. Just saying. Anyway, so what attracted me to their group was really Dara. And then I get to know the other members and BAM! I fell in love with this group like that /snaps fingers/. Until today, I still like Dara but my ultimate bias in 2NE1 has got to be CL. Or is it Park Bom? Ugh! I actually cannot decide between these two bad-ass ladies. Just so I have 2 top biases in 2NE1 then. (>_< )>

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