Korean Ramyeon : Teum Sae Ramyeon

I recently bought 3 Korean ramyeons at a K-mart near my office and decided to do some kind of taste-test to see which one will appeal to me the most.

The first one up is Teum Sae Ramyeon.

I can read Hangeul but sadly, I still can't understand most of the words yet. So this one I picked randomly on the supermarket shelf, without any idea how it would taste.

So, I cooked Teum Sae Ramyeon this morning for my breakfast. And WOAH! It turned out to be really HOT! Like seriously. It's like the food is trying to fight me back for eating it~ *O*

I actually like spicy foods that's why I enjoy eating most Korean dishes. But this ramyeon is like really spicy though as compared with the Shin Ramyeon that I usually eat. I had to drink water more often. Kekekeke. But it was good. It tasted good although I think it'd be better if I added egg. See the picture at the left (it's not mine btw)? It's really that red. So you probably can tell just from the color of the broth that it'll be pretty hot.

Inside the packaging, you'll get the usual 2 small packets, one with the green thingy (leaves? herbs?) and one with the powder flavoring. You just cook it pretty much the same with the normal ramyeons / instant noodles.


Taste : 3.5 out of 5 
Hotness : 4.5 out of 5

Will I TRY this AGAIN? YES! ^^

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