Backtracking Equals Nostalgia

Reading my past blog entries brings back lots of memories: good and bad, happy and sad. Obviously, my blog has a lot of KPop stuffs in it because I was a fangirl once - a hardcore one. And re-reading it now, especially my birthday post for Jung Yong Hwa, I honestly feel somewhat emotional. I can't believe I've loved Yong Hwa that much and that long. I am still loving him until now but I have to be less obsessed. 

I can't really cry right now because I'm at work. But~ OH WOW! I have never expected that my life would be this much affected by just a single person - much more a Korean singer.

I'm starting my life today as a regular lady. I'm done fangirl-ing now. I don't know if I can keep up with this lifestyle but I'm giving myself the benefit of the doubt.

But one thing will never change, I am forever going to support and love CNBLUE's leader, Jung Yong Hwa. 

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