Gogumas and Dooleys

I've been a Yongseo fan before. I've watched all their WGM episodes and spazzed like crazy. But that was before. Maybe about 2 years ago. I won't deny, they look really good together. I mean, they're both good-looking and very talented. It's like they complement each other in one way or another. I remember before how I was thinking that these two should really date for real. But then they're really awkward most of the times. Sometimes, it gets a little painful to watch because Seohyun is like relying on Yonghwa a lot. Just my opinion, okay?

I've never been a shipper of Yonghwa-Shinhye couple. No reason, really. Just, I was too absorbed with Yongseo, I guess. But I've watched Heartstrings before, but I didn't get to finish it though. Anyway, I just noticed the chemistry between Yonghwa and Shinhye. They really look good together as well. And I can feel how at ease the two of them are with each other. I like them better now. Because they seem like the best of friends. They're cute. And comfortable. I like them both.

So yeah. All these shipping wars, I don't think they're necessary. And besides, it's still Yonghwa's choice in the end. He'll either choose Seohyun or Shinhye. Or probably a different lady. Who knows?

Peace? Anyone?

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