Happy 25th Birthday Jung Yonghwa

It's almost Yonghwa's birthday!

Happy 25th Birthday Jung Yonghwa~ !!

All BOICEs and Emotional Angels are going to trend #WorldStarJYH25Bday later and I don't think I can stay up that late 'cos I have work tomorrow. I'm actually already feeling sleepy while typing.

So, to make up with for that, I will instead dedicate this post to the dorkiest and most charming leader of CNBLUE, Jung Yonghwa!

Here's the 12 Reason Why I Love Yonghwa:

1. I love it every time I see Yonghwa's gummy smile. It's just so genuine. ツ
2. I love Yonghwa's wink.
3. I love how sexy his eye mole is and how cute his crooked tooth is.
4. I love how he always takes care of his CNBLUE dongsaengs.
5. But I also love how he's always playful and childish.
6. I love how adorkable and funny he is.
7. I love it every time he belts out those high notes.
8. I love how he interacts with the crowd during every performance.
9. I love his perfect nose bridge and seriously sexy jawline.
10. I love how competitive he is each time he's on variety shows.
11. I love hearing his Engrish skills. 
12. I love everything about him~!!

And then here's my 12 Wishes for Yonghwa:

1. I wish for you to grow even more closer with the other members.
2. I wish for you and CNBLUE to do more albums and concerts in the future.
3. I wish for FNC to continue trusting your talent and let you release more self-composed songs.
4. I wish for more opportunities for you to show and develop your acting skills.
5. I wish you'll appear more on variety shows, especially Running Man. ツ
6. I wish for you to get more hosting gigs. 
7. I wish that whatever problems you face, you'll grow stronger and never give up.
8. I wish for you to continue having a healthy body, mind, and soul.
9. I wish that you'll continue to feel the love and support of your fans everywhere.
10. I wish for you to continue doing good music and enjoying it as well.
11. I wish for you to find your true happiness.
12. I wish for your heart to find its happiness as well, whoever that girl is. ♡

I am just one of the many other people loving and supporting you. I've tried my best to always be with you, through all the laughters and tears, happiness and sadness, struggles and wins. I don't and will never regret supporting and loving you. Your existence has made the lives of many people so much more happier. Continue being you~ being adorkable, funny, lively, charming, sincere, passionate.. I am anticipating  another 25 years of being your Emotional Angel.

Thank you for being a good hyung and leader to CNBLUE.
Thank you for sharing your passion, talents and love for music.
Thank you for appreciating the love of BOICEs and Emotional Angels.
Thank you for giving me a reason to feel so much more happier every day.
Thank you for being YOU.

Happy 25th Birthday Yonghwa~

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