I'm Making My Choice

I thought of leaving just like that. Thinking that this will make things better and that I will be better. I am going to a better place after all.

But. It dawned on me. 

I am not trying to go to a better place.

I am actually trying to escape.

I need to push myself harder this time and not give up that instantly. I don't want to give up just yet. I need to keep fighting still. There is nothing wrong with the place I am supposedly going to. But there is nothing wrong, as well, with the place I am currently at. I am just not thinking clearly.

I am working to reach a certain goal and for some reason I was derailed. I got distracted by the smallest things and now I almost gave up.

Good thing I didn't just yet.

I hope this is the right choice. I hope everything turn out the way God has planned for. I hope I can be stronger and never give up easily again.

I have made my choice to STAY. :)

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