Yonghwa at Blue Moon Manila

I know I'm supposed to stop fangirl-ing Yonghwa. I made a promise. But.. But.... But it's so HARD!! I can't stop thinking about Yonghwa and I still can't get over Blue Moon Manila. It's been 5 days already. But it seems like Blue Moon Manila was just yesterday. I can still imagine Yonghwa "dancing" and shoulder-poppin' to Intuition. I still remember how Jonghyun said "sabay sabay" and how cute it sounded. And Minhyuk expressing his love for lechon and jeepneys. Lastly, I can't get over Jungshin chingoo and his dorky and playful attitude on stage and his "Philippines daebak" expresssion.

It was just 5 days ago when I've finally gotten to see CNBLUE perform live.

I've waited 3 years before finally seeing them in person.

Dreams really do come true!

Now, I am going to patiently wait for their return to Manila.

We'll meet again, Yonghwa! Soon. ^.^

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