What I Look Forward To?

I actually look forward to spending my 25th birthday either in Seoul or Brazil.

I am speaking of a short term goal right now.

I love to travel~ And I dream of one day traveling the world! And I am not getting any younger now. So maybe, I can start going somewhere, yes? So I decided to aim for a solo trip to either Seoul (which is my ultimate fangirl dream destination) or Brazil (Rio de Janeiro to be exact because I MUST watch and attend The Carnival before I die).

A little morbid but you get the point...

It wouldn't hurt to set a small goal for yourself, right? And besides, it makes me strive to work harder and spend wiser. Because I know if I want to go any place, I will need resources. Monetary.

And why solo? Well, I've been planning to go somewhere on my own. Alone. Solo.

It's probably more of like a soul-searching, reflection period kind of vacation. I want to be more in tune with myself. I want to spend more time with me. And I'd love to go places alone. Take the road less traveled.  Get lost and then later on find my way back.

Although, it wouldn't hurt to travel with someone as well.

About ten months more to go to save up and plan.

I can't wait~ Fighting! ^.^

Gelato? Gelato!

No I am not asking for Italian ice cream. Really.

I just watched Despicable Me 2 today and the inner child in me is very satisfied! It was too cute a movie! I love everything about it, especially the minions. And the title? There's a part in the movie where the minions were saying that. Too cute. No other word comes to mind~ just CUTE! Go watch it now if you haven't yet! :)

What the Fudge, Bro?

Like seriously! I can't get over the shock of seeing your "un-gentlemanly" side TWICE already! It doesn't hurt to be a little respectful, bro! Learn to act like a real man. You are seriously getting on my nerves right now. Fudge!

I'm not going to let it pass the third time you try acting rude in front of me or my friends. I'll make sure you know how annoying you are! I'll make sure you and every other person in this place knows that being rude is never acceptable. No one wants to tell you so? Well then let me do the honor~ Fudge!

Must get back to work and FOCUS!
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