Size 10 and Healthier

I've started on The Scarsdale Medical Diet last Monday and I've lost 8 pounds already! Yes, it's a fast weight loss procedure. And contrary to what most people would think, it's NOT unhealthy nor is it dangerous because of the rapid weight loss.

The Scarsdale Medical Diet specifies a very specific and structured diet that is to be followed exactly for the first 14 days, another 14 day period follows that still specifies certain foods to eat, but is less structured and allows additional foods.[1] A grapefruit for breakfast each day is meant to supply enzymes necessary for burning the 700-calorie per day diet. Artificial sweeteners are used in place of sugar.

I've been following a strict diet plan for 2 weeks. No rice, white bread, and pasta. It's a drastic change from my eating habits, I have to say. After being overweight my entire life, this is going to be a real challenge for me. But I'm determined to overcome it. I'm determined to complete the diet. And I'm determined to reset my lifestyle and start living healthier.

Ever since I started on the Scarsdale, I've been more thoughtful of what I take in. I make sure to eat healthier food options. I'm living without rice now! And, according to my cousin, "RICE = LIFE". LOL. Yes, maybe it was the same for me before, but now, I know better. I can definitely live without rice.

And I've been munching on carrots for snacks! Would you believe that? Haha. Yes, I am really amazed by how disciplined I have gotten to be.

And no Starbucks. Being a coffee-addict, this has got to be the hardest change in my life. I looove coffee. And I love it with all the creamer and sugar it comes with. Oh and let's not forget the whipped cream on top. But that has to go. I can still drink coffee, actually, but it has to be black. Or I can add a sugar substitute too.

Speaking of sugar substitute, I just recently bought a box of Splenda. I'm going to use this sweetener from now on instead of sugar. Yes for healthier options!

So, that's about it. I'm going to update you soon about my progress. Right now, I'm just excited to prepare my meals everyday.

And if you're curious, yes I am gunning for a size 10 in the future. That's not the sexiest size but that's a lot smaller than my current size. So yes, let's hope all will turn out well for me. 0--(^O^)--0

** If you want to know more about the Scarsdale Medical Diet, visit this link:

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