Zap. Zap. Zap.

Had my 1st session of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Hair Removal last week at Aesthetic Hub in Ortigas. I found out about this one thru my office friends. They invited me to avail of the shop's on-going promo - just Php99 per part per session.

I've been hearing about this IPL procedure for sometime now, mostly because Del's (RX93.1 DJ, The Morning Rush) been promoting/advertising it on their show a lot!

We went to the clinic during lunch break since it was a work day. We were running like crazy because it was all our first time to have the procedure done and we're not sure how long it's going to take and we only have an hour before going back to work. 

There was just one customer when we arrived at the place but it looks like she was just about to leave. So we gave our yellow slips to the lady and waited to be called. I was actually hoping of being the third to go. I gave my slip after my two friends. But guess what, I was lucky number one!

So I entered the room where everything's going to take place. It was just a small room with the machine at the side. I wasn't able to check on the IPL machine further because we were in a hurry. So the lady who's going to do the procedure told me to remove my top and lie down with my arms stretched out - I was having the IPL on my underarms. Then she asked me if I've put on deodorant today and I said no because I'm not really using those stuffs. Then she told me it's going to sting a little, she said it'll feel like I've been hit by a rubber band. I was like "oh.. okay."

Oh before I forget, she told me to put on these weird goggles. Pretty much the same as the one on the picture above. After, she applied this cream on my underarms, I'm not really sure what it was but it felt cold to my skin. Then it started. It was just as she said, it stung but the pain was tolerable. BEAUTY IS PAIN! And it was so quick. After the shots, she applied another layer of cream on my pits.

The standard was to have 3 shots of IPL on each underarm but she recommended for me to have 6. So after the session, I had to pay extra for additional shots.

I also bought this cream which you have to put on your underarm for 3 days, morning and night time. It was Php400. After this and for the whole duration of the IPL treatment (the lady said that it'll take about 5 sessions for the hair to be completely gone) we were told not to use any deodorant or whitening bath soaps for our underarms. They actually have this substitute to deodorant but it costs Php500++ which was way beyond my budget already. And since I don't really use a deo, I opted not to get it.

Overall, my first session for the IPL treatment went okay. The skin clinic personnels were nice and friendly.  There will be no visible changes yet as of now since this is just the 1st session. Maybe after the second or third, I'll be able to notice some changes.

I'll keep you guys posted! ^^

If you're interested, go check them out. 
And take advantage of their on-going promo now!

Aesthetic Hub Laser Skin Center
U/G 32 Eton Cyberpod Corinthian corner EDSA, Ortigas Avenue, Quezon City
Phone: 0917-3007114, 966-4895, 570-5788  

And here's the link to their promo:


  1. Hi! I will be using my voucher within the week. Was that hydrocortisone cream that costs 400? Thanks!

    1. Sorry it took me forever to see this. Yup. It's hydrocortisone cream. :)


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