*I've been meaning to post this for CNBLUE's 4th anniversary but, unfortunately, it got lost in my drafts folder. And I've just noticed it now. Pfft. So yeah.*

* * *

It's been 4 years already.

It seem like such a short time but it felt longer for me. I've been a fan for 3 years now, and I have to say my decision to support this band 3 years ago was one heck of a good one. I have never expected for my life to change this much after getting to know these four talented guys. Looking back, I would have never imagined myself putting this much love and appreciation for any Korean group. But fast forward to the present, here I am pouring out my heart on this one anniversary post dedicated to the best Korean pop-rock band for me, CNBLUE.

I've been a silent spazzer most of my life. A closet fan-girl - if there is such a term. I'm not very open about my appreciation for K-Pop and CNBLUE, in particular. There were times when I would hear people bashing KPop and their fangirls (the usual you-can't-even-understand-a-single-word-they-say kind of argument) But I survived. And I became even stronger and more determined to not let other people's opinion on me and my choice of music affect me.

And now, it's been 3 years of loving CNBLUE - their music, their talents, their personalities. They've helped me through some rough times in the past. Every time I listen to their songs, it uplifts my mood. It brightens my day. It brings me happiness.

For this group of four guys, it has been 4 years of ups and downs, sadness and happiness, losses and wins, mistakes and learnings. For 4 years they've stood by each other. They've supported each other. 4 years of never giving up. 4 years of believing in each others capabilities and dedication.

Are you ready (yes sir) Let’s go to the world
Ready (yes sir) Top of the world

I promise I'll still be at the sides, supporting you guys, on your way to the top. Even if it takes another 4 more years, I promise I'll be there. Proud Boice until whenever. (^O^)>

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