Cravings and Cheat Weeks

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Really, I've been to Subspace 3 times already just this week? Woah! Should I be given an award or something? LOL. Anyway, YES. Apparently, I've been to Subspace last Sunday, Tuesday, and today. What can I say? I love the place! Everything about it just appeals to me. It's like my go-to place whenever I need to unwind, sort of a pick-me-upper

And every time I'm there, I always order a tall glass of cold caramel macchiato. Oh and I've also been indulging on some "forbidden" foods. I've ordered a blueberry, peaches, and cream waffle, blueberry cheesecake, and just today, a salted caramel cake - although I shared the cake slice with a friend. Sinful. But oh so good! Considering I'm on a diet, this is really not helping. Oh! Only this week. I promise next week I'll be more strict. Just this week, I'll allow myself to indulge a little. /(^o~)>

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