Late Lunch at Jang Ga Nae

Last Sunday, I was craving for some Korean food so I decided to trudge on my own to Ortigas and find me some good Korean restaurant to have lunch at. It was actually kind of late for lunch, since I left home at around 3:00 in the afternoon. So I found myself standing in front of Jang Ga Nae.

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I ordered some Dak Galbi and Korean soybean paste stew (Doenjang Jjigae). Did I say I was alone when I went here? Oh so, yeah, let it be noted that I came here alone. And so when the side dishes were served, I was surprised! The amount of side dishes could actually fill you up already! They served about 6 sides: kimchi (2 types: cabbage and radish), a plate of peanuts with sweet sauce/coating, Korean pancake, some seasoned bean sprouts (which I really really love!), and a vegetable salad with sweet dressing.

Imagine all those on your table! Just by looking at them, you'll probably feel full already. Kkkkkk!

As for the taste, everything was just great! When I ordered the Dak Galbi, Mr. Waiter actually asked me if I wanted mine spicy and I said yes. But when I tasted the chicken, it wasn't spicy at all. Just sweet. But I'm not complaining. It was still yummy! And I super LOVE the Soybean paste stew! Super love it! I thought I'm going to finish the entire bowl. Although really, it was just for 1 person.

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Everything is just so YUMMY! 

After finishing my lunch/dinner, I felt full and very satisfied. I'm so happy that I decided to go and check out this restaurant. And mind you, since I'm not really familiar with its location, I decided to walk to here from SM Megamall. Hohoho. It was actually quite far.

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Overall, Jang Ga Nae is a pretty great Korean restaurant to try. The place is nice and simple. The food tasted amazing! And the price is just right. It's all worth it!

Jang Ga Nae
G/F 8137 Plaza, St Josemarie Escriva Dr
San Antonio, Pasig
Operating Hours: 10:30AM - 10:00PM (Daily)

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