Loving Your Body

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I work-out because I love my body - not because I hate it.

And trying to lose weight is a proof of my love for my body. Why? Because, aside from losing weight, I am actually giving my body all the nutrients it needs the most and the exercise that will help it get better. Losing weight is just part of the package. I am now watching what I eat, how much I take in. I don't deprive myself that much. I just want to be better, healthier. 

picture from weheartit.com

Of course, I am definitely looking forward to wearing smaller sizes of clothings. Being able to fit my jeans well. And not thinking of whether a ride in the amusement park can support my weight (yes, I am very paranoid like that because I am REALLY big!) Plus, I have a lot more things I wanted to try before I die. Like bungee jumping, paragliding, and sky-diving to name a few. And me being paranoid again, I'm skeptical because I feel like with my weight right now, I'm fearing that the bungee rope might snap. Or the parachute won't be able to carry me safely back to land.

picture from weheartit.com

Anyway, hope everything goes out well. I really want to lose weight and be much lighter than I am now. I want to wear all the clothes I like. I'm nearing my half mark now for my goal weight and it has just been 3 and a half weeks since I started on a healthy lifestyle. Hope everything goes out well~

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