Purple Hair, Yes?

Park Bom rocking the red!
It's been more more than three months since the last time I dyed my hair. And now, I'm planning to get a new hair dye. This time I want to try something loud. PURPLE! Yes, I want to try and have purple hair. Random, I know. But I've been wanting to dye my hair some really loud color. Or maybe not really loud, just something different. Unusual. Something I would want. And being a KPop fangirl, I think I've gotten some courage after seeing some of these Korean celebrities sporting various loud shades of hair color. ^.^

Initially, I was planning to get a red hair. I've wanted it after seeing Park Bom rock the red. It was so good. I even reached the point where I was applying whitening stuffs on my skin, just because I'm thinking this hair color would really pop-out better on people with lighter skins. But my mom won't allow me saying it doesn't look professional enough and it won't fit me. LOL. It IS too loud, I guess. If I really did go for this bright red hair similar to Bom's. So I tried looking for other unique colors to try that's a little more tame. Kekekeke~

Lovin' the purple shade a lot!
And then, I came across this gem! PURPLE! It's just perfect! The right shade for me. Not too bright and not to bland. I think it's the right shade for someone like me who's working on an engineering field. I can't wait to get my hair dyed. I'm planning to do it either end of September or early October.

And I am planning to get it done in a Korean salon. Just because, I'm thinking they are probably good with hair colors since most Koreans love to dye their hair a lot.

There's actually one near my work. Happy Hair Salon. I'll try to to ask around sometime if they can do purple hair coloring. I'm excited! <(^o^)/

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