BDO: We Don't Find Ways

I don't know about other banks, but apparently BDO closes its client's accounts without any notice. I just learned today that my account has been closed and I wouldn't even know of it if my sister had not informed me that her buyer cannot deposit her payment on my account number.

Like, really? BDO decides to just close down an account without any notice? Given that for some emergency reason I wasn't able to keep the maintaining balance required for my account, them closing the account would be justifiable. But the MAJOR POINT is, they did not even bother giving me a notice - email, text message, phone call. As in NONE at all! What happened to their "We Find Ways" commitment?

Oh and it was like just 7 days since I last withdrew. Woah! Talk about fast service. They immediately had it closed after that?! Seriously?

Now, I'm contemplating on whether to have my account re-opened or just transfer to BPI instead. What's positive about BDO kasi is that they have a lot of branches and the mall branches are open on weekends.

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