Block B: Be The Light

I started being a fan of Block B during their Nillili Mambo promotions. I saw their comeback stage on Music Bank and instantly turned into a BBC. Well, okay. I don't really call myself a BBC yet. Because for one, I don't really follow them - all their activities, their tv guestings and others. And during their past controversies, I wasn't there to support nor defend them. I was just indifferent.

But I love their music! Take note: LOVE. I'm surprised to be captivated by such a young group. Because as I've said before, I don't give any attention at all to rookie groups. But apparently, Block B is an exceptional exception to that.

I love their music! Did I say that before? Anyway, yes. They have this music style and appeal that reminds me of BIGBANG but I don't think they're trying to copy them. It's just that this style is very apt for Block B. Their music suits them well. It's strong. Just like how I perceive them to be.
And now, Block B is definitely back with their album entitled Very Good. And yes, they all seem very good in my opinion. This album is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I LOVE IT! All the tracks, I can listen to them all day on repeat. I'm not one bit disappointed. It's so good!

I especially love the song Be The Light. I love the melody, the tempo, the beats. I love the voices - the harmonies, transitions, blending. Ugh! I just love this song!

It sounded sad but not like brooding or miserable. It's like you're reaching for something positive. I feel like it's giving me something to look forward to, something to hope for. Something to hold on to. That's how deep that song affects me every time I listen to it. 

And after reading the English translation for the lyrics, I felt more attached to it. It has some really good, heartfelt words. I'm guessing probably Block B is trying to reach out to BBCs. I feel weirdly emotional thinking of it that way. A song so emotional and sincere. It's beautiful.

Be the light
Shine on my black and hidden heart
Melt me from being frozen
So that I’ll be so dazzling
That no one else can look at me

I hope Block B will grow stronger and better as artists. Their music is strong and powerful. Their talents are undeniably something to look forward to. I'm just so happy to come across their music, their group. I hope to listen to more of Block B's songs in the future. But for now, let's all marvel at their latest album Very Good, one so beautifully and passionately made.

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