First Kiss: 2012 Thai Movie

I recently came across this rom-com Thai movie titled Rak Sud Tai Pai Na or First Kiss. It was shown last year, January 2012 to be exact.

The story revolves around a 25-year-old woman and a high school boy who accidentally shared a kiss on a bus. He then becomes infatuated by her even though she ignores his advances. Things hot up when her first love re-enters her life. This encourages the high school boy to try even harder to win her heart.

It stars Kaneungnich Jaksamithanon (Sa) and Thakrit Hamannopjit (Bass) who are both very visually appealing for me, I must point out.

Okay so maybe the age gap was a tad too much for my liking. I mean, if I caught up correctly, they have an 8-year age gap. Uhm.. Yeah sure. Age doesn't matter in love. But still, it is unusual for me. But anyway, aside from my issue with the age gap, the movie was generally nice. It was light and gives off the right amount of chick-flick vibe. I don't know about Thai culture but I've been kind of noticing most of their movies have an older woman-young man love line. Oh but I'm not complaining. This pair has great chemistry on-screen! Plus in real life they only have 5-years of age gap!!

And Thakrit is really, really super cute. His eyebrows are woah~ Haha. And for the record, Thakrit was born on April 10, 1990 - which makes him just a year younger than me. Glad to have pointed that out! LOL.

Because.. Really.. HE. IS. GORGEOUS. I hope he'll have more movies soon so I can drool at his handsomeness appreciate his acting skills more.

So, here have some more of Thakrit's gorgeousness. LMAO. 
Warning: there's a SHIRTLESS pic here. Scroll down at your own risk! Kkkkkk~!!!


And while you're at it, try checking out the movie as well if you haven't yet. Don't expect too much crying scenes from it though. It's not heavy drama. But it's a good watch nonetheless.

Have a great night! 

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