Park Se Joo and Seo Yoo Kyung are Perfect for Each Other

I haven't been watching Marry Him If You Dare lately but I've been keeping myself updated through klaritia's recaps. Oh and the screen caps there are amazing!

And as much as I'm rooting for Mi Rae-Se Joo couple when this drama started, right now I am having second thoughts. Scratch that. I am definitely CHANGED. Seriously, Seo Yoo Kyung is too adorable! And I am transforming transformed into a Se Joo-Yoo Kyung fan.

picture taken from klaritia.wordpress
Come on, Se Joo! Why can you not see the perfect girl in front of you? Instead of doing whatever for Mi Rae and in the end getting shove aside by Kim Shin, why don't you just focus on Seo Yoo Kyung??

picture taken from klaritia.wordpress
From the beginning, I thought Yoo Kyung is going to be that arrogant, bitchy, I'm-so-gorgeous-I-can-get-all-the-guys-I-want-so-worship-me kind of girl. But apparently, I was wrong. The scene that had me fall for her character (figuratively, of course) was when she was waiting so long for Se Joo in the bar and was about to leave when he suddenly appeared. Her trying to regain composure and self-control was all too funny and cute. It was an "awwww" moment for me, really.

picture taken from klaritia.wordpress
And then everything that she does after that is just too nice and cute and oh-so-perfect for Se Joo! Honestly, this is the only drama I've encountered where I am more interested with the second leads rather than the mains.

Anyway, if you're craving for some Se Joo perfection, check out these two favorite sites of mine: - This website is like overflowing with goodies!! Initially, a Park Se Joo blog, it's slowly becoming a SeKyung blog (the author even acknowledges it) and I am not complaining at all! I love everything here. Seriously, go here and indulge. - This is where I get updates of Se Joo's life episode per episode. It's a blog dedicated to Jung Yong Hwa. It's perfect~ Go here and fall in love with Yong Hwa and Se Joo more and more.

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