MHIYD Finale and Yong Hwa's Choice

Just two days ago, Jung Yong Hwa's drama, Choice of Future (also Marry Him If You Dare), aired its last episode. Honestly, I haven't been watching the drama but I'm relying on Klaritia's recaps for each episode. So I am in a way updated.

This drama seemed like an answer to all Emotional Angels' appeal - for Yong Hwa to finally go back to acting. I remember the whole debacle that took place when it was announced way back that Yong Hwa will be joining Heirs then later on withdrew from the project unexpectedly. It was chaotic. It sparked a lot of "emotions" from his fans all over the world. And I'm quite sure that it affected Yong Hwa more than his fans.

But then another opportunity knocked on Yong's acting door and he accepted it gratefully. Choice of Future. A melodrama that ran for 16 episodes.

What happened?

It all started promising. The characters were interesting. Each one has something to offer, some mystery to fascinate the viewer. And the story was intriguing. Your future self going back in time to prevent you from making the "wrong" choices you're supposed to make. Re-arranging your life for you.

But what happened? 

The storyline moved from intriguing and interesting to blah and confusing. 

Why was it so miserable?
Why is Mi Rae so undecided?
Why can't Se Joo un-like Mi Rae when she clearly doesn't want him?
Why is Kim Shin such a coward?
Why is Yoo Kyung getting less and less air time?
Why have such a very open-ended finale? 
Who did Mi Rae choose in the end? 
Was it Se Joo? 
Or Kim Shin? 
Who knows? 

Apparently, it's a SECRET.

What happens to Yong Hwa now?

I mean, did he gain anything from doing this drama? 

I have to commend Yong Hwa on his acting because he really did improve a lot. Maybe the drama ended disappointingly but Yong's improvement in acting was enough to make up for it. 

His character wasn't the usual quiet, let-me-wait-here-silently-in-the-shadows-until-you-realize-you-love-me second lead guy. Nor the I'm-too-cool-to-move-or-talk-or-even-smile-so-let-me-sleep-in-class-or-even-in-the-library rockstar student. 

In here, he's more animated. He's actually a tad annoying in some scenes. But he's showing a variety of emotions. And it did him good. He improved. And that was more than enough for me. And LOL. He was always drinking.

They were saying most of Yong's dramas don't do good in the ratings. And Choice of Future, apparently, is another addition to that list. The storyline. It has to be because of that. The actors were really good. But the story went downhill. Just my opinion.

I'm hoping that after this, Yong Hwa will focus on music and composing once again. I knew of Yong Hwa because of his acting in You're Beautiful. But I fell in love with him because of his music. Whatever his decision is, though, I'll keep on supporting him anyway. 

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