Sagada's The Lemon Pie House

During my stay in Sagada, I made sure to try and eat at the famous Lemon Pie House. Almost all blogs I've read recommended it so I decided to give it a try.

On my second day, after my exhausting tour highlighted by spelunking at Sumaguing Cave, I made my way to The Lemon Pie House. I got there around 02:00PM so it was pretty much deserted already. I was actually the only customer that time. 

The first thing I noticed when I entered the place was the small, wooden chairs and tables. It was like a location for a daycare or something. It was so cute! Then on the other side there were low tables where diners get to eat while sitting on the floor with pillows as cushions. It's like those traditional Korean restaurants. Nice and quaint

I settled for the small chairs rather than sitting on the floor. I'm scared I might get cramps. Hah. I ordered Chicken Adobo with Rice and Lemon tea. The serving was huge! The plate consists of like 3/4 chicken adobo and 1/4 rice.

Sadly, there was nothing worth praising in the Chicken Adobo. It was your usual chicken adobo cooked with potatoes and carrots this time. The taste was a little bland for me. I think it needs more salt. The Lemon Tea was okay. It was too lemon-y for my taste. I'm not a fan of lemon meh. I just have to try this for myself. It was also kind of thick, I reckon that's from the lemon syrup thingy I saw them mixing with the tea.

After the main course, I ordered a slice of Lemon Pie because you can't leave Sagada without trying their Lemon Pie. How was it? For me, honestly, I did not liked it. Why? Because again it is too lemon-y for my taste.

Overall, my Lemon Pie House experience was just average. The interiors were good, quaint, and warm. It's a good place to hang-out, catch-up with friends and just chill over some pies and teas.

For everyone that's planning to go to Sagada, I'd still recommend for you to try this restaurant. It's a must! Taste varies from person to person so might as well make sure to give it a try yourselves. You might like it much more than me.

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