Sagada's Yoghurt House

I had my very first meal in Sagada at the Yoghurt House. It was just a short walk from where I'm staying which was at St. Joseph's Inn.

The place was a 2-story building with a big "Yoghurt House" sign in front. The ground floor was deserted but I can hear people from the second floor so I guess that's were all they were lounging. As for me, I opted to stay at the ground floor.

Entering the place, I didn't really find anything unusual. It was nice and quaint. There were framed paintings hanging on the walls and a sign was put up saying not to take pictures of the pictures. LOL. But aside from that, nothing too fancy for my taste.

One thing that got me though was that there were too many flies. Seriously, it was annoying swatting left and right.

Moving on, I ordered some Roasted Eggplant in Basil Pasta and a Banana Lassie for lunch. I found the pasta to my liking. It wasn't overcooked and was seasoned just right. The eggplant blended perfectly with the pasta. It was delicious! Plus, it has a huge serving! Yay!

But... The lassie.. Was it supposed to be served at room temperature though? I had a lassie before at Mister Kabab and it was served cold. So I was rather disappointed because I was expecting a cold drink to quench my thirst after walking for like forever.

Unfortunately, I was not able to try their house specialty: yoghurt with strawberry, banana, and granola. Maybe next time I will surely try it for myself!

Still, I was satisfied with everything about the Yoghurt House. A must try if you're planning on visiting Sagada!

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