Bucket List

Life is too short to not enjoy. Here are my top things I really, really want to do before I die. I will probably be adding more to this list later on but I hope I can scratch off some items as well.

  • Travel to Seoul, South Korea
  • Experience spelunking at Sagada, Mt. Province
  • Dye my hair a lighter color shade
  • Get a tattoo
  • Have another piercing
  • Have a relaxing vacation at Coron, Palawan
  • Go to Batanes
  • Visit the temples at Cambodia
  • Go bungee jumping at the Macau Tower
  • Experience snow for the first time
  • Learn to snowboard
  • Go rock-climbing
  • Try paragliding
  • Go sky-diving
  • Run a marathon
  • Learn to speak fluent Korean
  • Learn how to ice skate
  • Go on a solo backpacking trip
  • Put up my own online shop
  • Watch a GOT7 concert live
  • Attend a GOT7 fanmeet
  • Buy my own car
  • Put up my own restaurant business

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